About Our Hotel

An unforgettable vacation awaits you in Söğüt Village of Marmaris, one of the quietest corners where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean.

Bademli Bahçe Hotel is located in Söğüt Village of Marmaris, one of the most tranquil corners where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, where the Turkish-British owners fulfilled the hotel idea they had dreamed of for many years.

Bademli Bahçe has a 2000m2 garden with centuries-old olive and almond trees, Aegean thyme, sage and lavender, fragrant and colorful flowers, a large pool and 6 rooms for adult guests only.

The rooms are furnished with handmade solid wood furniture, decorated in a way that does not strain the eyes and all rooms have a view of the lush green nature and deep blue bay view of Söğüt. Gülşah and Richard personally take care of the decoration, landscaping and breakfast. Breakfasts turn into a feast with home-grown vegetables and homemade jams.

With its calm and quiet atmosphere, the day at Bademli Bahçe Hotel starts with the sounds of birds and ends with an exquisite sunset.


The moment we met the unique beauty of Söğüt in Marmaris, we knew we wanted to continue our lives here. This fascinating land where Bademli Bahçe Hotel is located became a new beginning for us and the center of our journey. We decided to build a new life together in this place that captivated our eyes and hearts with its inspiring landscapes.

Leaving our old professions behind, we took bold steps to give our lives a new direction. We built our own paradise among the historical and natural beauties of Söğüt. This place has become a special place not only for us but also for our guests.

In our hotel, we have carefully considered every detail and aimed to create an unforgettable experience for our guests by preserving the peaceful atmosphere of nature. Sharing the magic and tranquility of this place with our guests has been the greatest source of happiness for us.

This journey has not only changed our own lives, but also allowed us to discover the richness of this beautiful village and the warmth of its people. Every day, we feel what a special privilege it is to live in this land and experience how precious it is to share the life we have built here with you, with love.